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  • FloorBed™1


At just 7.1cm, FloorBed™ 1 is little higher than a tennis ball, greatly reducing the risk of injury from falls. It rises to full nursing height to facilitate care tasks and offers comprehensive functional and clinical benefits to maximise user safety. The FloorBed™ has all the profiling functions of a standard nursing bed.

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  1. Functions & Benefits
  2. Technical Specifications

Benefits of the low rise function

In some circumstances, FloorBed™ can:

Reduces risk of injury following a fall from bed

The extremely low mattress platform reduces the impact from a fall, reducing the risk of injury.




Reduces requirement for side rails:

By making any potential fall height so low, the requirement for side rails is greatly reduced. This is significant for those users who may be at risk with the use of side rails.


Removes risks associated with side rails:

If side rails are not used, risks such as entrapment, impact injury and increase in the potential fall height may be reduced.



Reduce user agitation:

If side rails are used, users may become distressed and agitated. The user may attempt to climb over the side rails and may also exhibit other behavioural issues.


Independent transfers:

The adjustable bed height enables a user to place their feet flat on the ground when sitting on the edge of the bed, which may reduce the risk of slipping as they are able to obtain a supported seated position. This is of particular benefit to petite less-able users, and may enable them to carry out independent transfers. In some circumstances, this may reduce the requirement for manual handling equipment and/or carer assistance.




Independent leg lift into bed:

Users with a restricted range of movement at the hips or in the lower limbs may benefit from lowering the bed to the floor, enabling them to lift their legs independently into bed. In some circumstances, this may reduce the requirement for manual handling equipment and for carer assistance.





Benefits of profiling bed functions

Full Nursing height:

The FloorBed™ rises to a full nursing height enabling carers to complete care tasks safely.


Compatible with specialist mattress systems:

The FloorBed™ mattress platform is a standard size of 200cm x 90cm, making it compatible with most mattress systems.


No trailing wires:

Wires are securely fixed to the underneath of the bed to reduce the risk of damage and allow for the safe use of a mobile hoist.


Back rest/elevation:

Functional Benefits:

  • Enables greater independence and range of movement for the user
  • Assists with transfers
  • Raised position enables easier eye contact resulting in improved social interaction.
  • Back rest support enables better functional use of the arms and hands.  This may enable a user to feed themselves and carry out other tasks independently


Knee break:

Functional Benefits:

  • This function assists users to retain their position as the knee break can reduce the risk of slipping down in the bed.


Bed Extension:

The FloorBed™ can be extended by 20 cm (with an accessory kit).

Technical specifications

Dimensions (w x l): 925 mm x 2255 mm (36.4" x 88.8'')
Mattress size: 900 mm x 2000 mm (35.4" x 78.7'')
Safe working load: 185 kg (29 st)
Patient weight: 150 kg (24 st)
Lifting range (excl. mattress): 71 mm - 650 mm (2.8" - 25.6")
Profiling functions: Backrest with Auto-regression, Kneebreak, Anti-Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg
Part number: NSB-0-FL1-200
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