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Read the testimonials below to find out what our customers think about FloorBed™.

With Mr Green he was just… he came from a very nervous, agitated, frustrated man to incredibly calm, sleeping really well, and just enjoyed his life here; and I think the bed would pay a huge difference to that.

Sarah Hoare – Director, Huntington House Care Home

It eliminates so many risks, it’s so beneficial to the owners, the resident, the relatives and also staff.

Sarah Hoare – Director, Huntington House Care Home

The FloorBed™ made a huge difference to my father and the main impact was it lessened his chance of injuring himself… and therefore he didn’t suffer with injuries

Debbie Green – Resident's Daughter

We put the Resident in the FloorBed™ and it was really beneficial. The risk of injury to her was immediately reduced and if she rolled out there was no longer any distance for her to fall. This also reduced the time staff had to monitor her as the risk of injury was so greatly reduced. During the time we had the bed the lady rolled out a number of times but sustained no injuries whatsoever.

Trish Blenkinsopp - Home Manager Manor Park Care Home

The fact that the bed lowers to the floor ensures that a resident cannot fall out, but can roll out of the bed. When they are on floor, residents feel more secure and are less likely to attempt to rise unaided and wander or fall in their room. 

Patricia Griffiths - Home Manager, Richmond Care Home

Excellent bed for mobile residents with dementia or reduced mobility.

Care Staff – Nursing Home

We trialled this particular bed with a resident in our Dementia Support Unit who would continually move to the end of her bed at regular intervals during the night and attempt to exit the bed. We did not use bed rails but she always wanted to leave the bed at the foot of the bed. As soon as we trialled this bed she did not attempt to go to the foot of the bed one single time and did not attempt to leave the bed at all. We felt that the higher than normal foot board probably gave her a sense of security and the bed being very low to the floor made her feel safe that she would not roll out of the bed. We would certainly recommend this bed.

Peter Walton RN - Home Manager, RMBI

The bed has been great. Resident was considered very safe in bed at night while on this bed. No longer required alarm mat while in use.

Care Staff – Nursing Home

The bed and handset were really easy for the staff to use when carrying out personal care.

Home Manager – Care Home