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Why FloorBed™?

Those working in care environments with vulnerable users will be aware of several user groups known to be at risk of bed falls.

The result of a fall can be detrimental to a user’s health and well-being and can also impact greatly on care providers. A fall can not only result in significant injury and distress to users, but can also result in high costs of care both on NHS services and care providers.

Several interventions are currently available to reduce the risks of falls and resultant injuries:-

Current Intervention Measures:

why FloorBed™

Side rails with bumpers (click to reveal text)

Side rails pose a risk for those who may attempt to climb over, be at risk of entrapment and injury against the side rails or who experience agitation or claustrophobia.


Use of a mattress on the floor (click to reveal text)

A mattress on the floor will reduce the risk of injury from falling. However this is likely to make transfers difficult whether they are independent or use equipment. This option is also considered to be a less dignified intervention for users.


Provision of a generic low bed, usually 20cm high (click to reveal text)

The generic low beds of 20cm high still pose a risk of injury following a fall as the height is still significant.


Provision of crash mat next to the bed (click to reveal text)

Used to reduce injury following a bed fall, a crash mat is often not adequate and can be a trip hazard.


Frequent supervision throughout the night (click to reveal)

This places a huge strain on the service and carers involved whether this be in a residential setting or within a family home in the community. The frequent supervision may also result in disrupted sleep for the user.


But what happens when none of these options reduces the risks adequately?

Provision of the FloorBed™

FloorBed™ is an innovative and cost effective way of protecting users at a medium to high risk of falling:

  • The total height of the bed and mattress is only 15cm, meaning that the user rolls rather than falls from the bed, virtually eliminating the possibility of injury
  • Sides rails are not required so the user is not at risk of being trapped, injured or attempting to climb over the rails
  • There is no requirement for a crash mat
  • The adjustable height allows care staff to deliver full care with ease and safety